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Google redesigning of their “Google News” is not really the significant argument. Although, they should pay attention on how the news is relevant and how to engage the audience by better reach capabilities to retrieve the news by topic matter opposed to key words.I think if Google change the way how you retrieve and interact with news is way more important than design. Needles to say, the way consumers search for news is changing the news industry as a whole. Google’s most recent purchase of Metaweb for a disclosed amount of $57 million is in the right direction to be more semantic than it is now.I suggest for Google to rethink their design over, and while they are at it, they should also consider looking at new technology. A library for text processing that performs semantic analysis on (news like) textual documents. The API can be used to generate lucid document summarization, extractions of key topics, and most importantly, it can be used to index and retrieve documents by topic/subject matter as opposed to key words.Taking another example similar to the subject with hand, a technology that process and analyze concepts, not words, and this includes names of things (people, countries, organizations, products, etc.). Thus, from words they try to infer the most likely meaning in context by a process known as Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), which is an essential part of the semantic analysis process. The accuracy the technology’s WSD algorithm in inferring the most likely meaning of a word in some context is above 80%, and, as far as we know, this accuracy rate is by far much higher than any WSD results that have been reported in the computational linguistics research.A technology that give words meanings, including names of things. To do so basic reference resolution and entity identification has to be performed. Names of people, organizations, movies, etc. are not therefore just words and phrases, but are full-fledged concepts that can be related to and matched with other concepts and topics. Thus, while the sentence “popularity of former NY Yankees slugger Babe Ruth” is not at all related to “Dr. Ruth popularity in NY”, there is clearly some semantic relation between “US President Barack Obama” and “German Chancellor Angela Merkel” (due, among other things, to the semantic relationship between ‘Barack Obama’ and ‘Chancellor’, for example).In summary, Google have redesigned “Google News”, but they also should reconsider to design the way to retrieve news to be more semantic with better retrieval content. In this way, Google will avoid the strategic mistake of positioning content in key word search. Needless to say, if they consider to also introducing more semantic applications for better news service retrieval; this can’t hurt anyone. In this way, Google will be considered a semantic web rather than a search engine with key word/s based search engine.

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For people on the go, the news apps for smartphones and tablets play an integral part in their way of life, giving them the convenience to get updated anytime, anywhere. Just like other apps, not all are created equal. There are run-of-the-mill apps but there are also apps with excellent features. To help you choose the type of news apps for your mobile phone, here are the list of the top 10 impressive news apps you could ever have.Yahoo News DigestYahoo News Digest is currently available in the United States and United Kingdom. It provides the need-to-know news gathered from various sources for text, images and info which are created by algorithms.News360What’s good with this app is its ability to pull news that you like. It is designed to understand the user’s interest, thus pulling and adding other regular news from a wide array of mainstream news and other niche oriented sources that might interest you. Videos and images are included also in the selection.Inside.com – Breaking NewsThis app provides people a 300-character, summary-type news which is linked to the original source. With its user-friendly thumbs up and thumbs down system, it enables to fine-tune the app to focus on one’s preference thus providing the user what they want.Paper – Stories from FacebookThis particular app is constantly evolving in short periods of time. As of this moment, the Facebook news app can be availed in the US on iPhone but may soon be available for Android and other users worldwide. It gathers shared news stories, putting emphasis on topics that you like rather than random posts. Most of its stories are taken from assorted categories such as technology, health, culture, and more.Feedly ReaderThis is a sophisticated and an easy-to-use RSS reader designed with quick sharing features and the ability to add articles with a “read-it-later” service like Pocket and Instapaper. Feedly reader has one of the most effective search options. It also makes constant improvement and updates on the system depending on users’ engagement.NewsbeatNewsbeat is developed by the US media company Tribune. It allows users to select their favorite news sources. After that, stories are then pulled daily from these sources which are summarized and used to create a personalized news podcast using the text-to-voice technology. Weather and traffic reports are also included for the US market only.Circa NewsBehind this app is a team of smart editors carefully and meticulously selecting relevant information and setting aside what they consider as “junks” or irrelevant facts. One of the greatest features of this app is the ability to “follow” certain stories. Users will get notification every time a story is added to its summary. Another great feature is for readers to be able to read offline, so you can still scan for updates even when WI-FI connection is unavailable.FlipboardFlipboard is one of the most established news apps. And with its recent acquisition, Zite, which was previously owned by CNN made it even more powerful. This was created for the purpose of making Flipboard a personal magazine to any mobile users. In addition to that, Flipboard has added another feature which allows users to browse updates in their social channels as well as RSS feeds. This app works well with traditional news providers and then reformats articles.Interesting for iPhoneThis app pulls thousands of articles from the list of best hand-curated content sources on the internet. It enables users to browse their favorite topics from news to technology, politics, sports, designs, entertainment and even more. It has the ability to compile stories and sort them out according to categories such as sports, technology and politics. What is more interesting with this app is the integration of Reddit, a great source for news updates to a growing number of people. It is also integrated with Dribble, a good site for designers.Newsy: Video NewsThis app compiles news and then turns it into video news. This looks like a good candidate for Google, YouTube, Facebook and the other major industry player on the internet. But for now, this app is doing great and has its own place in the internet.This list of news apps are my own compilation and may be useful to some and not to others. They all have their own interesting and useful features and all of these apps are free to use. You can simply download any one of the above listed news apps according to your liking. And if you are not satisfied with this app, you can always go to the next one on the list.